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Outbound Predictive Dialing

The DialIntelligence Outbound predictive dialing functionality provides the highly efficient automated dialing processes to maximize attempts and right part contacts. The ability for outbound campaigns to automatically dial and pre-dial numbers based on the number of agents currently logged into a campaign along with historical and real time factors.  The system applies an advanced algorithm to the dialing plan and adjusts based on historical and real time data.  Additionally there are features that provide the operator methods to fine tune the dialing plan to affect the results.  Predictive dialing utilizes a pooled dialing method which is most efficient when calling on a large on number of accounts.



Outbound Power Dialing

Outbound Power Dialing provides the ability for accounts to be dialed in a queued assisted fashion.    When an agent requests a call, the records will be presented to the agent and then the number dialed.  There is also a setting that allows the agent to review the account prior to placing the call.



Outbound Preview Dialing

Outbound Preview dialing provides the ability for accounts typically owned by an individual or group to be presented in a easy to use calling grid.  The grid includes an additional user definable filter tool which allows the accounts to be further filtered so an agent can target specific accounts that meet their criteria.



Outbound Blended Dialing

Outbound Blended Dialing allows an outbound unattended automated messaging campaign to send live connects to a second “selected” attended predictive dialing campaign.


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